5 Things Your Garden Needs as Summer Ends

Labor Day is coming up, and if you’re like most homeowners- you’re putting your landscaping tools and ideas on the shelf. Truth is, late summer and even into late autumn are the prime time to do the dirty work to prepare your lawn for the coming year. That being said, let’s just hope we don’t get a surprise October snow (worst surprise present ever). Here’s five ideas for your outdoor space that can only really work post-Labor Day. So put your white outfits away and get your pruning shears out this autumn.

Clean Cut

Your beard isn’t the only thing that needs trimming and taming. Many yard plants start looking quite straggly as August rolls around. Now would be a good time to walk through the yard and clear out the dead branches and crazy hedges. Your yard doesn’t want to be included in no-shave November (trust us on this one).

Bye-bye Fungus

One of the first solutions to fighting fungus is different chemical solutions. Now I’m not a bug killer, so don’t think that this is always my first choice. Truth is, many creepy crawlers are good for the health of your lawn- plus the environment needs most bugs to keep on keeping on. If you decide to spray, don’t be too harsh- because that can end up biting you in the wrong place (pun intended). With the temperature dropping, it’s also becoming the perfect climate for fungus. For those of us tending to our owns lawns (and spending that extra cash on shoes, ladies?), it’s quite possible that some extra thatch has built up and made the fungus problem a bit less friendly. Again, don’t go crazy with the chemicals, because a little bit of tending and sunlight can usually go a long way.

Indoor Invite

Not all plants are created equal. That being said, there are a few chosen greens that can thrive indoors as well as outdoors. If you have some potted ferns or edibles, go ahead and invite them inside. You’ll have to water them more meticulously possibly re-pot them (you can also sing to them, but that’s not always a good idea, is it). However, this is a great redecorating tool for the indoors as well. Don’t worry, you can always replant them in the spring.

Colors of the Lawn

Some of the most beautiful colors that you can add to your outdoor space need to be planted late summer. Black-eyed Susan are quite a popular choice, as well as pineapple sage, Salvia, Alternanthera and the pincushion flower. You’ll have to make your color decisions based on your region. In the harsher temperatures of the Northeast, the New York Ironweed is a lovely choice. Despite its’ less-than-lady-like name, it attracts butterflies with a sweet nectar.

Eat Me

While looks are important and nobody here is going to judge you for investing in that new Vogue fall look, edible plants have their place in the landscaping world. Most people imagine herbs and shrubbery as a mono-toned green mess of garden. Truth is, a neat, skilfully chosen (you can rely on our skills if you need) and tasty selection of these herbs can add beauty and taste to your landscaping. Instead of choosing the usual basil, rosemary, dill, and parsley combination- try some beautiful red radishes or a pop of color with some super tasty cherry tomatoes. Either way you play this card, you have more shrubbery in your yard and more organic, home-grown greens in your belly.

So instead of dreading the end of summer and shedding tears while the trees shed their leaves, get out your gardening tools, put on a brave face and take advantage of these few golden months. Although your relationship with your lawn may not be as dramatic as all that, know that these five easy points will make a dramatic effect on your outdoor living.

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