6 Ways to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space in New York

6 Ways to Create the Perfect Outdoor Space in New York

Summertime and the living is definitely outdoors. Coffee to start the day, drinks with friends over dinner, Sunday brunch or whatever it may be— an outdoor veranda or a patio is everyone’s happy place. Here’s six ways to turn your backyard storage space into your social life’s best friend.

1. Keep it Green

The easiest way to make your outdoor space perfect is… keeping it natural! Not only will it “spruce” up your space with livelihood (see what I did there?), but it’s already out there. An herb garden, flower pots, or even a good old fern here or there will help make it that happy place. Use the natural resources around you to give it a refreshing feeling. Getting fancy with a bubbling brook or a waterfall isn’t necessary, but it sure is an ambiance pleaser!

2. Dimensions

Don’t just throw outdoor furniture outside and call it a patio. Incorporating the walls of your house or ceilings will give your space the dimension it needs. Without those dimensions, your space can be flat and boring. Bringing it together with some vertical decor or a hanging lantern also does the trick.

3. Comfy is Key

Making your outdoor space comfortable also makes it a place where you (and your guests) will absolutely love spending time. If you value your privacy, think about putting up a lattice or a screen. An outdoor umbrella or sunshade is nice to keep you cool on a hot day. If your favorite cozy chair or couch is getting old, this space is the perfect place to move it! When it comes to furniture, comfort is always key.

4. Ambiance

On a sweaty summer’s day, your patio may only be an option in the cool of evening. Candles, strung lights (left over from the holidays), lanterns, can transform your outdoor space and your home entertainment swag. Even a little light can go a long way on those summer nights.

5. Entertaining Guru

It’s vital to make your patio your entertaining secret weapon. That’s one of the best things about the beautiful outdoors! It makes brunches and dinners so easy and enjoyable. It could be as easy as a coffee table to set down your morning mocha or a place for your guests to rest their wine glass before a much needed refill.

6. Details, Details, Details!

Your outdoor space should have as much personality as you do. A few of your favorite books, a handmade blanket, little trinkets on the table — these are the cherry on top of the sundae and what will make your beautiful outdoor space different from the rest.